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Innokas Medical’s Scandinavian growth strategy brings yet another customer from Sweden

Swedish health tech innovator Coala Life AB selected Innokas Medical to manufacture Coala Heart Monitor, which has global market potential.

Innokas Medical’s MedTech Design Studio strengthens its expertise in SW and test automation development

The software is becoming more and more important part of medical devices in the future. That’s why it is very crucial for the companies working in the field to be able to develop even more complex...

A long-term co-creation partnership as a common goal for GrainSense and Innokas Medical

Innokas Medical entered into cooperation agreement with Finnish company GrainSense Oy in 2016. The mutual interest for the companies is to develop a long-term, fruitful co-creation partnership,...

FDA rules and regulations - tips for medical device companies for US market entry

To be able to enter the certain markets with a medical device, it is not enough to have just a good end-product - the development and production processes also have to fulfill certain criteria....

Innokas Medical will participate in NLSD and WHINN fairs in the coming autumn

Innokas will participate in two international trade fairs during the coming autumn: in Nordic Life Science Days (NLSD) event held in Stockholm, Sweden in the beginning of September, and in WHINN...

The benefits of applying Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up and Agile methodologies to medical device design and development

Across industries, the pace to introduce new products is increasing. This puts pressure to shorten the design and development cycles. Medical devices are no exception in this respect.

Finnish health technology exports continue to grow strongly

Healthcare technology is one of the largest high-tech export segments of Finnish industry, and the industry continues to grow strongly. According to the latest export report published by...

Ensure the quality compliance of your medical device – learn about the regulatory process in practice

Do you have an idea of a medical device? Or have you already started to develop your medical device? Do you want to enter, e.g., EU or US markets?

Enhancing patient safety with usability and co-creation

To live longer and a better life is a big dream. Rising standards of living have helped in achieving this today almost everywhere in the world.

FAQs about quality compliance and regulatory affairs in medical business

Finding answers? Welcome! - This is an unofficial guidance which is intended to assist medical device OEMs by answering to some common and basic questions concerning quality compliance and...

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Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up and Agile Approaches in Medical Device Design and Development

Recent Posts

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