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Happy Midsummer!

During this weekend, we're celebrating "Juhannus" (a.k.a. Midsummer) here in Finland. For us, it is synonymous with good food, relaxation in saunas and lightning bonfires. It is the time for Finns to...

Innokas Medical is a partner in a consortium which aims to co-create a patient solution for stroke prevention and diagnosis

The collaborative consortium has received a significant funding from Business Finland. This two-year Stroke-DATA -project, which is one part of Business Finland’s Smart Life program, is carried out...

EU funding helps companies to establish valuable international networks

Original source: Business Finland

Free Webinar – Typical pitfalls in risk management and what’s new in ISO 14971:2019

Innokas Medical launches free webinar in series around the topic “Postponed MDR – how to get the best out of upcoming 12 months.” In our fourth webinar we will discuss about typical pitfalls in risk...

Co-creation across national boundaries – Innokas Medical supports Augere Medical to develop system for AI-driven analysis for colorectal cancer detection

Norwegian healthtech innovator Augere Medical AS has selected Innokas Medical as their co-creation partner to offer quality and regulatory as well as design and development support to bring their...


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