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Software reliability testing is an important part of the quality assurance process at Innokas Medical


”The software is becoming more important and crucial part of medical devices, and number of devices using software in patient treatment is increasing all the time. The various software errors...

Innokas and Icare Finland signed a manufacturing agreement

Innokas Medical and Icare Finland have recently signed a manufacturing agreement. The contract covers the manufacturing of Icare® HOME tonometer at Innokas Kempele factory. The actual work has...

Innokas Medical will participate in the Medica trade fair!

Innokas Medical will again participate in the Medica trade fair to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, on November 14–17. Again this year, Innokas will participate the fair at Team Finland’s joint...

Minna Salomaa was appointed as HR Manager at Innokas Medical

As Sonja Heiskanen, who has worked at Innokas Medical’s human resource department since 2006, decided to take on new challenges during the summer, Innokas Medical has appointed Minna Salomaa...

Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up and Agile Approaches in Medical Device Design and Development

Recent Posts

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