The Importance of Hobbies in Work-Life Balance – Insights from a Software Engineer

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In today's fast-paced and demanding world, striking a balance between work and leisure has become more challenging than ever. With the constant pressure to excel in our careers and meet various responsibilities, many individuals find themselves overwhelmed and burnt out. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is essential to recognize the significance of engaging in a hobby that brings joy and fulfillment. Continuously pushing ourselves without a break can result in stress-related illnesses, reduced productivity, and even a loss of passion for our jobs. 


Engaging in a hobby enables us to develop new talents, learn from different experiences, and foster a sense of accomplishment. This is important for Samuel Syväniemi, who work in our software house Digious and has just graduated from trainee to full-fledged software engineer. Samuel has been with us for almost two years and works at our Kempele location near the city of Oulu. 


What comes to work, Samuel says that he’s very happy with what he is doing. “It has been great all around. The people are friendly, and we generally don't step on each other's toes here, allowing me to truly focus on my work. The tasks are varied, so it never gets boring”, Samuel says about his day to day.


Childhood Hobby and Achieving Work-Life Balance


When Samuel is not working, he engages with a long-time hobby of his, skateboarding. “I have been skateboarding for at least thirteen years. We used to live near one of Finland's best skate parks, so roads kind of took me there I would say”, Samuel laughs when talking about how his hobby began. “I spent most of my childhood summers there”, he adds and says he could probably talk about skating forever if given the chance.  


When asked why this hobby inspires him, he says that the element of freedom plays a big part, as there is no strict timetable to adhere to when beginning and ending practice. He also finds excitement in trying and pulling off complicated tricks. “A sense of thrill is present”, he explains. Given how adult skaters have small circles in Oulu, he also has good friends to share his hobby with.  



Samuel has been skateboarding since childhood


Finding Meaning Beyond the Workplace


Finding the right balance between work and leisure is a personal journey. It requires self-awareness and a commitment to prioritizing our well-being. Integrating a hobby into our lives might seem challenging amidst a busy schedule, but making time for something we truly enjoy is an investment in our long-term happiness and fulfillment, and Samuel agrees.


“Having a hobby helps with recharging in the end of the day, and it really gives me sense of purpose outside of work hours”, he says. In the end of the interview Samuel wants to send a greeting for all the readers. “Have a wonderful summer”, he says with a smile.  

Photos of Samuel taken by Matz Johansson