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Changes in Innokas Medical’s leadership team

Jouni Toijala, who has worked as CEO at Innokas Medical for almost four years, has decided to pursue new opportunities outside of Innokas. Toijala has been appointed as CEO of listed company...

Economically successful product is generated by ensuring the high quality of the product while optimizing its manufacturing costs

High quality combined with cost-effective production can be achieved through optimized manufacturability. This requires a wide range of expertise as well as strategic capabilities.

Innokas Medical has been preparing for COVID-19 epidemic to protect the business of our customers and the health of our personnel

As Finnish and global governments and various medias have communicated, COVID-19 disease, also known as coronavirus, has spread worldwide as a major health threat. In addition, it has already...

Innokas Medical's readiness to take part in global fight against COVID-19

Especially now, due to COVID-19, the global demand is high for ventilators and other critical care products. At Innokas Medical, we have readiness and capacity to start the production of critical...

how to ensure the quality compliance of your medical product

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