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Understanding medical device usability – More insights from QA&RA specialist

In the field of creating medical devices, there's a crucial meeting point between usability and innovation. The ideas and needs of both creators and users come together to impact the direction of...

Medical device usability insights from clinical affairs specialist

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical device development, usability and innovation intersect significantly. The perspectives of developers and end-users converge to shape the future of medical...

What to consider when designing a vital signs monitor

Since 2014, Innokas has been manufacturing VC150 Vital Signs Monitor, a device that has also been designed by our Design Studio. VC150 Vital Signs Monitor is used for sub-acute vitals’ monitoring in...

The new software release including hospital configurable EWS functionality was developed with agile schedule

The Early Warning Score (EWS) is a medical solution taking risk management in healthcare to the next level. Innokas Medical and GE Healthcare have now developed the new version of the software used...


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how to ensure the quality compliance of your medical product


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