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Case MedicubeX – Bringing different technologies together

Combining different devices together into smooth, uniform, and easy to use combination takes special kind of expertise. That kind of expertise was showcased in Teknologia 23 event in Helsinki Expo...

Transforming Healthcare – Unlocking Digital Potential calls for changing the ways of working

Europe's healthcare field faces a critical challenge where innovative solutions are often marketed outside the continent to circumvent stringent regulations. Moreover, the sector's fragmentation and...

Innokas joins the HL7 association

Innokas Medical has joined the Finnish HL7 organisation in February 2022. Thus Innokas and especially its software house Digious continue to deepen their cooperation with the key industry players...

Tampere University Hospital, Istekki and Innokas Medical analyze large datasets to improve clinical care pathways

Knowledge-based management is on today’s agenda in many organizations; how to derive insights from the large datasets to enable better and faster decision-making. The role of digital health...


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