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Cryogenics and wire bonding as specialties – Expertise at Helsinki factory

There is an endless potential in utilizing low temperatures to achieve impressive technological feats, such as superconductivity, preserving biological material, and space exploration. Why is it not...

Event invitation - Optimal regulatory and design development from idea to success of a medical device

To succeed in taking a medical device product from idea to the market, both the design and development flow, as well as the regulatory flow, need to be considered. As the inventor or manufacturer of...

The Future of HealthTech – Dream Further

Walking on the streets of almost any city, we can see that there are quite a bunch of building sites, cranes, and upcoming wonderful colors on the walls of new hospitals enabling more modern...

Innokas Medical addresses the growing need for clinical affairs services

Innokas Medical strengthens its QA&RA services with a new Clinical Affairs team. The new team supports medical device companies in carrying out resource-binding clinical evaluation related work by...

Manufacturing reacts to the changes in the industry nimbly but carefully

In the face of challenging and changing times, experience, expertise, and quality are of great importance. Innokas Medical has a long experience in the field of health technology, but what expertise...

Innokas Medical has been designing medical technology products for over 27 years already

Long-term experience and wide competence pool enable agile co-creation of next generation medical devices together with customers.

From vision to actual business case – benefits of concentrating to develop the concept before the actual product

The healthcare technology industry is evolving with various global trends. In recent years, one trend has been clear: software and data-driven solutions are revolutionizing the future of patient...

Co-creating the next version of FlowOx with connectivity features

FlowOx 2.0, developed in co-creation between Norwegian company Otivio AS and Innokas Medical, is a clinically promising, patented and cost-efficient home treatment solution for Peripheral Arterial...

The role of usability in improving safety of a medical device

It has been noted that the occurrence of use errors, also called as human error, increases the number and severity of incidents related to the use of medical devices. Use errors typically occur when...

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