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Free Webinar - What is needed for Clinical Evaluation of Medical Device Software?

Innokas Medical launches free webinar in series around the topic “Postponed MDR – how to get the best out of upcoming 12 months.” In the first webinar we will discuss about the Clinical Evaluation of...

Innokas Medical discusses about the new MDR in Health Tuesday -event

Innokas Medical has been invited to Health Tuesday -event organized by Business Finland, to tell our story how we have implemented the essential European regulatory requirements. Welcome to listen,...

Happy Easter!

Warm thanks for the pleasant cooperation this year. We wish you all a happy Easter and all the best for the coming spring season! 🐥☀️- Innokas Medical

Aidian promotes global healthcare by diagnostic tests for point of care

The objective of Finnish-based IVD company Aidian is to promote efficient and fluent healthcare by developing and manufacturing reliable, fast and easy to use diagnostic tests for point of care....

Innokas Medical was chosen as contract supplier with frame agreement on SoteDigi’s MDR consultation project

SoteDigi, who develops new kinds of digital solutions for patient- and health care, selected partner companies for further development of its -service solution in the beginning of this...

Finnish healthcare technology exports continue to grow strongly

According to the latest export report published by Healthtech Finland, the exports of the Finnish health technology reached again a new record in 2019. Thus, Finnish health technology has kept up...

Innokas Medical’s quality and regulatory services become more diversified

Many medical device design or manufacturing companies may find it difficult to allocate enough time and resources to master the regulatory compliance of medical device, and to compile, maintain, and...


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