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Design and manufacturing co-operation solves problems – Belgium MedTech meetup report

We all want to see into the future; would you like to predict what kind of problems you could run into during electromechanical device manufacturing process well before those problems happen? While...

Problems and solutions in MDR transition – Innokas Medical at Health Valley Event

Innokas Medical is present at the Health Valley Event (HVE) that will take place on March 30 with the theme of affordable and accessible healthcare supported by technological innovations. Make sure...

Meaningfulness as a value - Tallinn factory employee perspective

Jelena Gladõseva is nearing her third-year milestone working at Innokas Medical’s Tallinn location. The location is a volume-producing factory that has been in operation for over ten years. Jelena...

Ramp-up as a specialty – The benefits of an experienced manufacturing partner in Europe

Whether there is a design of electromechanical device that is still in its working phases or a product that already has a history of being produced at another location, ramp-up can be a challenging...


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