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Tampere University Hospital, Istekki and Innokas Medical analyze large datasets to improve clinical care pathways

Knowledge-based management is on today’s agenda in many organizations; how to derive insights from the large datasets to enable better and faster decision-making. The role of digital health...

Innokas Medical’s CEO Janne Kostamo: ”Strategy work aims at the continuity of Innokas’ internationalization and growth.”

Mr. Janne Kostamo (Executive MBA, M.Sc. in Industrial Eng. and B.Sc. in Mech. Eng.) was appointed as new CEO of Innokas Medical. He started to work at Innokas in the beginning of this year. Kostamo...

Medicubex aims for better availability of patient care and healthier lives with their intelligent remote monitoring and diagnostics solution

Enabling scalable and cost-efficient future healthcare solutions with autonomous health monitoring is the most important driver for Medicubex, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Innokas Medical is...

Free Webinar: How to Ensure Agile Co-Creation of Medical Devices?

Innokas Medical has launched free webinar series to share ideas and experiences around medical device design and development as well as quality and regulatory matters. In our 9th webinar we will...

Innokas Medical discusses about the future of MedTech production

Innokas Medical will join MedtecSUMMIT Congress & Partnering online event on April 20th to 22nd, which will be organized by Bayern Innovativ GmbH on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry for Economic...

NTNU Technology Transfer relies on Innokas’ strong expertise in quality and regulatory management

Innokas Medical participated in the project where the regulatory framework for NTNU’s new set of reagents were created.

Innokas Medical has been manufacturing medical technology products for over 27 years already

Three manufacturing sites offer flexible contract manufacturing and agile capacity increasing adjusting to customer-specific needs.

Free Webinar: Clinical Evaluation of Medical Device Software

Innokas Medical has launched free webinar series to share ideas and experiences around medical device quality and regulatory matters. In our 8th webinar we will discuss about Clinical Evaluation of...


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