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Contract manufacturing – tips for a working customer - contract manufacturer relationship

We R&D engineers often think that the world is ready when a product is launched to the market, and we can move on to developing the next interesting gadget. But in reality, the life of the product is...

Kilometrikisa - a competition with a bigger meaning

This summer, we took part in Kilometrikisa, a playful cycling competition between work communities, departments, organizations, clubs, or any kind of team you want. The purpose is to track down...

Specialist’s insight – What is the current availability of Notified Bodies?

Ever since the European Commission published the new regulations for medical and in-vitro diagnostic devices, there have been serious concerns regarding the availability of medical devices and how...

Subcontracting Fair 2022 – a short summary

Were you at the Subcontracting fair last week in Tampere? We were and what we experienced was the whole exhibition center full of companies, people, networking, and great discussions. The stands were...

DfX – an integral part of Innokas Medical’s design projects

The aim is to develop products as well as possible high-quality, reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective to manufacture. However, wishes and goals do not always meet, and some things must be...


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