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How to build and deploy an efficient QMS with speed – case Lybe Scientific

Last summer, Lybe Scientific got its first product registered as a CE-marked IVD medical device fulfilling the requirements set by In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (IVDD). The company built an ISO 13485...

A long-term partnership as a common goal for C-RAD and Innokas Medical

Innokas Medical entered into cooperation agreement with Swedish company C-RAD AB in 2016. The mutual interest for the companies has been to develop a long-lasting partnership built on trust and with...

Wipak’s Regulatory Affairs Manager Tanja Venäläinen: ”When cooperating with Innokas’ specialists, we feel like really competent and experienced people are brought together.”

Wipak Oy is a Finnish-based supplier of packaging solutions and services for food products and medical devices, founded in 1967. The company’s mission is to enable their customers to deliver their...

Tampere University Hospital, Istekki and Innokas Medical analyze large datasets to improve clinical care pathways

Knowledge-based management is on today’s agenda in many organizations; how to derive insights from the large datasets to enable better and faster decision-making. The role of digital health...

Medicubex aims for better availability of patient care and healthier lives with their intelligent remote monitoring and diagnostics solution

Enabling scalable and cost-efficient future healthcare solutions with autonomous health monitoring is the most important driver for Medicubex, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Innokas Medical is...

NTNU Technology Transfer relies on Innokas’ strong expertise in quality and regulatory management

Innokas Medical participated in the project where the regulatory framework for NTNU’s new set of reagents were created.

Co-creating the next version of FlowOx with connectivity features

FlowOx 2.0, developed in co-creation between Norwegian company Otivio AS and Innokas Medical, is a clinically promising, patented and cost-efficient home treatment solution for Peripheral Arterial...

MEGIN promotes functional brain mapping by solutions based on magnetoencephalography technology

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, MEGIN is the global leader for magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology used for their non-invasive functional brain mapping solution. A long-term collaboration...

Synoste aims for more patient-friendly healthcare with their limb lengthening treatment

With their next-generation innovation, Synoste aims to renew surgical treatment related to bone deformities. Innokas Medical is involved in this mission by being one of Synoste's co-creation partners...

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