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What are the challenges of choosing a contract manufacturer?

There are two distinct company types with different starting points when they begin searching for suitable European contract manufacturer. The first is a new start-up in search of their first...

Arab Health 2024 – Our take and review

Report written by Innokas experts and event goers Päivi Leppänen & Visa Poikela

Contact information available at the end of the post

Sustainability in Medtech was a hot topic. It's clear that the...

Introducing Valter Ritso, the new Director of Operations and Leadership team member at Innokas

We're excited to announce that Valter Ritso has been appointed as the Director of Operations at Innokas. In this role, Valter will oversee manufacturing operations across all our three factory sites,...

Best practices for success in a collaborative product development project

In the dynamic landscape of technology design and development, efficient collaboration can be the key to streamlined project timelines and short time-to-market goals. Collaboration with an...

Case GlucoSet – Agile approach in complex Healthtech development

Creating complex medical devices frequently involves rigid schedules and costly change applications, adding to the lengthiness of the development process. What if we told you that there is another...

End of the Year Greetings

If you were asked to picture what good teamwork looks like, how would you picture it? How about a dog sled, traveling with efficient pace and agility through harsh snowy terrain.

Case MedicubeX – Bringing different technologies together

Combining different devices together into smooth, uniform, and easy to use combination takes special kind of expertise. That kind of expertise was showcased in Teknologia 23 event in Helsinki Expo...

Innokas Medical Rebrands as Innokas – Paving the Way for Growth and Innovation

Innokas Medical announces its transformation into Innokas. The rebranding aligns with the company strategy and growth targets, aiming to diversify Innokas’ presence in new industries while...

Material availability as a challenge – how product development can be kept cost-effective

Even though material costs have slowly improved following the start of the pandemic, material availability still poses challenges and has introduced disruptions to various product development...

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