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Innokas Medical discusses about medical device development and regulatory compliance in Norway Health Tech's online event

Together with our cooperation partner Norway Health Tech we would like to discuss about ideas and experiences on next generation medical device design and development – how to ensure agile...

Free Webinar: Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices combined - tackling two of the most intense regulatory pathways on one go

Innokas Medical has launched free webinar series to share ideas and experiences around medical device quality and regulatory matters. In our seventh webinar, together with Biocodex, we will discuss...

Janne Kostamo has been appointed as new CEO of Innokas Medical

Mr. Janne Kostamo (Executive MBA, M.Sc. in Industrial Eng. and B.Sc. in Mech. Eng.) has been appointed as new CEO of Innokas Medical. 50-year old Kostamo brings 18 years of experience in...

Synoste aims for more patient-friendly healthcare with their limb lengthening treatment

With their next-generation innovation, Synoste aims to renew surgical treatment related to bone deformities. Innokas Medical is involved in this mission by being one of Synoste's co-creation partners...

Innokas Medical develops data-driven solutions and software for regulated medical devices together with its customers

Healthcare technology is one of the largest high-tech export segments of Finnish industry, and it continues to grow strongly year after year. In addition to growth, the industry is evolving with...

The national Dream Workday is celebrated at Innokas Medical

The national Dream Workday is coming again on 2nd October with aim to bring positive energy to the workday and to promote well-being at work. The theme of the day at Innokas is training and recovery...

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