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On fast lane to success – The role of in-house testing in product development

In the dynamic landscape of product development, especially within industries like medical technology, efficiency is key. Utilization of in-house testing during the development has been proven to...

Standardizing machine learning on MedTech sector – Expert’s insights

How to standardize something that develops at an exceptionally fast pace? AI and Machine Learning (ML) in the healthcare sector has been a hot topic for a couple of years and there is as much concern...

From wellness to well-being – Regulatory framework of turning wellness device into medical device

Sometimes an everyday wellness device might become not just a companion in your journey to better health, but a powerful medical tool that empowers you to monitor, manage, and even predict your...

Branching out – ISO 13485 beyond medical sector

What does certification tell you about a manufacturer? Many sectors in the field of technology have their own specific certificates that validate their expertise on the type of products they...


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