On fast lane to success – The role of in-house testing in product development

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In the dynamic landscape of product development, especially within industries like medical technology, efficiency is key. Utilization of in-house testing during the development has been proven to expedite final notified body or third-party tests; investing in in-house testing streamlines the overall development timeline and ensures a higher degree of confidence in the final product's performance and compliance. Three Innokas experts were interviewed on how in-house testing can be a game-changer in expediting those critical final tests.  


Early issue identification and resolution   


In-house testing acts as an early warning system and allows developers to identify and resolve potential issues during the initial stages of product development. “By going through use case scenarios and subjecting the product to a sequence of tests, any design flaws, functional shortcomings, or performance gaps can be uncovered and addressed promptly,” says Lassi Oikarinen, Chief of Mechanical and Environmental Safety. “This proactive approach prevents issues from snowballing and translates to fewer surprises during the final notified body or third-party tests. As a result, the development process becomes smoother, more efficient, and better equipped to meet the stringent standards required for regulatory approval.” It should also be remembered that verifying product requirements is a mandatory part of the in-house testing process, because the notified body only inspects the resulting documentation.


Iterative refinement of design leading to cost savings  


Product development is an iterative process, and in-house testing aligns with this idea. Developers can fine-tune the product design based on insights gained from in-house tests, leading to continuous improvement. By constantly refining the product, developers create a robust foundation that is more likely to meet the desired performance benchmarks during the final tests. “This iterative cycle significantly reduces the risk of having to overhaul the design at a later stage, which saves time and minimizes costly delays,” says Anu Lepistö, the Head of Engineering. In the end of the product development, the product is validated based on user needs established at the beginning of development.


Confidence for final third-party tests and regulatory compliance  


The result of in-house testing is in a product that has undergone a sequence of internal evaluations and refinements. This comprehensive testing approach improves the product's overall performance and instills a higher degree of confidence in its readiness for the final notified body or third-party tests. “The final testing phase can be approached with a sense of assurance, knowing that the product has already been subjected to rigorous scrutiny and improvements based on use cases and scenarios,” says Aki Tukiainen, Chief of Electrical Safety. 


The role of in-house testing in product development cannot be underestimated, particularly in industries where regulatory compliance and performance standards are strict. By identifying issues early, refining the design iteratively, optimizing resource allocation, and boosting confidence for final tests, in-house testing acts as an effective accelerator. It expedites the development timeline and enhances the likelihood of a successful outcome during those crucial final tests. Uplifting in-house testing isn't just a strategy; it's a mindset shift that enables companies to innovate faster, mitigate risks proactively, and position their products as leaders in their respective markets.  


Success through collaboration 


Innokas Medical has extensive in-house capabilities to do testing during the product development phase, ranging from the capability to do light EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) testing, electrical safety testing, mechanical testing, and environment adjacent tests such as temperature and humidity. We can prepare an extensive risk assessment based on user needs and industry standards and have the capability and tools to do testing and iteration rounds as well as prototype production, testing and design under the same roof. If expediting the final testing phases of your product is enticing, our experts encourage you to contact us so we can discuss a potential collaboration.   


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