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Innokas sustainability report launch

It’s a remarkable day for Innokas; our first ever sustainability report has been made public!

End of the Year Greetings

If you were asked to picture what good teamwork looks like, how would you picture it? How about a dog sled, traveling with efficient pace and agility through harsh snowy terrain.

Kilometrikisa - a competition with a bigger meaning

This summer, we took part in Kilometrikisa, a playful cycling competition between work communities, departments, organizations, clubs, or any kind of team you want. The purpose is to track down...

The MDR Fast Track service enables MedTech companies to reach the market faster by outsourcing the regulatory burden

Innokas Medical, a Finnish technology company specializing in medical technology, is launching an outsourced responsible manufacturer service for companies striving to reach the highly regulated...

Innokas joins the HL7 association

Innokas Medical has joined the Finnish HL7 organisation in February 2022. Thus Innokas and especially its software house Digious continue to deepen their cooperation with the key industry players...

Business Finland Innovation Voucher is open for applications

The Innovation Voucher, offered by Business Finland, is again open for application for Finnish SMEs, which seek to purchase new knowledge and skills for their business. The voucher supports companies...

Happy Holidays!

The year is almost wrapped up and it’s time to take a breather and spend some time with our loved ones during the Holidays. The entire Innokas team would like to thank you for your cooperation and...

Have a joyful Independence Day 2021!

104 years - December 6th is a special day in Finland as we are celebrating Finland's Independence!

Innokas at the Elmia Subcontractor 2021

Hey there, we are going to attend Sweden’s largest happening for the manufacturing industry! Elmia Subcontractor is taking place as a physical and virtual event from November 9th to 12thAnd the...

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