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Specialist’s insight – Is there a way for rapid market entry for medical devices?

Innokas Medical launched a service called MDR Fast Track earlier this year. The service enables MedTech companies to enter markets faster with reasonable effort and acceptable risk by outsourcing the...

Successful design and production ramp-up needs good procurement

In the manufacturing industry, good procurement can have a major impact on product costs, ease of designing and manufacturability. But how’s the case now as the world situation changed unpredictably...

Manufacturing your product cost-efficiently – and near?

What is important to you when you are looking for a contract manufacturer for demanding electromechanical devices? Is the quality the key issue, or do you set your eye only on the price? Does the...

Innokas Day: Kick-off for the Autumn!

Autumn is here and it has already booked our calendars full of meetings, deadlines, and projects. Before that, at the end of August, we all in Innokas Medical had the opportunity to spend time...

Manufacturing reacts to the changes in the industry nimbly but carefully

In the face of challenging and changing times, experience, expertise, and quality are of great importance. Innokas Medical has a long experience in the field of health technology, but what expertise...


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