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Hire an International Student Campaign: Meet Ondra

In 2022, Technology Industries Finland challenged companies to hire experts from among international students. The goal of the campaign was to give the students Finnish working life experience,...

Innokas joins the Dutch Health Valley 2022 event

The 2022 Health Valley event is starting on March 15th and is accessible both live and online. The three-day healthcare innovation conference is taking place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, collecting...

EU funding helps companies to establish valuable international networks

Original source: Business Finland

Innokas Medical’s Scandinavian growth strategy brings yet another customer from Sweden

Swedish health tech innovator Coala Life AB selected Innokas Medical to manufacture Coala Heart Monitor, which has global market potential.

Innokas Medical gets a new customer in Scandinavia: manufacturing contract signed with Swedish company Alcosystems AB

 Innokas Medical continues internationalization; the company has entered into an agreement with Swedish medtech company Alcosystems AB. The agreement brought yet another Swedish customer to Innokas,...

Innokas Medical continues internationalization: Innokas has entered into agreement with Norwegian company Luzmon Medical AS

Innokas Medical and the Norwegian company Luzmon Medical AS have recently signed a manufacturing contract for the Luzmon’s cTEMS and cTENS system including some NPI and sourcing work. The agreement...

Innokas Medical’s new strategy highlights partnerships

Innokas Medical, acting today as an independent subsidiary of Serres Group, has renewed its strategy during the spring and summer. With the new strategy Innokas aims to achieve the company’s new...

Innokas Medical’s Scandinavian growth strategy brings first customer from Denmark

Danish company RSP Systems selected Innokas Medical to develop a prototype for a non-invasive glucose monitoring device that has global market potential.

Innokas was granted almost €700 000 funding by the EU-Comission

The European Commission has granted Innokas Medical almost €700 000 of funding. The funding was granted to Innokas from the Horizons 2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) pilot, which provides funding...

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