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Innokas Medical gives the Christmas gifts for charity

At Innokas Medical, the Christmas is a little bit different this year. Usually, Innokas has remembered its employees with a small Christmas gift every year. Instead of buying and giving any concrete...

At Innokas Medical, the quality is built into daily work and operation

“At Innokas Medical, everything begins with the quality built into our processes, products and services. The most important know-how as well as the high standards of our daily operation can be seen...

Innokas Medical has entered into agreement with GrainSense Oy covering the manufacturing of the company’s grain quality measurement device

Innokas Medical has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Finnish company GrainSense Oy that develops the first truly hand-held device for grain quality measurement. The actual work has...

Fibrux has been satisfied with Innokas Medical’s professional and flexible services

Fibrux Oy is a Finnish healthcare technology company developing solutions for strength training so that people can better understand what is happening in their muscles when they train. The company...


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