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The Importance of Hobbies in Work-Life Balance – Insights from a Software Engineer

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, striking a balance between work and leisure has become more challenging than ever. With the constant pressure to excel in our careers and meet various...

Summer at Innokas – Ville Kauppila's experience as an apprentice

“It never really gets boring here. The tasks vary and it’s easy to pick up and learn new things”, comments Ville Kauppila, who originally applied to Innokas as an intern in March 2023. When asked how...

Meaningfulness as a value - Tallinn factory employee perspective

Jelena Gladõseva is nearing her third-year milestone working at Innokas Medical’s Tallinn location. The location is a volume-producing factory that has been in operation for over ten years. Jelena...

Hire an International Student Campaign: Meet Ondra

In 2022, Technology Industries Finland challenged companies to hire experts from among international students. The goal of the campaign was to give the students Finnish working life experience,...

A design and manufacturing house at your service

How do you solve the key challenges in turning a demanding technical solution idea into a tangible product and bringing it to the market? Could a capable contract designer and manufacturer help you...


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