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Ensuring Safety and Compatibility – The Vital Role of Biocompatibility in Medical Innovations

Will your medical device be in direct or indirect contact with the patient? Biocompatibility will be incredibly important for the development of your device. But why is biocompatibility seemingly a...

Finding solutions to meet Clinical Evaluation needs

As of right now, the changes brought on by MDR have quickly heightened the need for clinical evaluation in the medical technology field. During the directive, the approach to clinical evaluation was...

Cryogenics and wire bonding as specialties – Expertise at Helsinki factory

There is an endless potential in utilizing low temperatures to achieve impressive technological feats, such as superconductivity, preserving biological material, and space exploration. Why is it not...

Medical device productization and NPI – How to save time and costs

A poorly managed medical device NPI (New Product Introduction) is an expensive one, so being prepared is a good start. Are you looking to improve your existing device with a new manufacturing...


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