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Understanding medical device usability – More insights from QA&RA specialist

In the field of creating medical devices, there's a crucial meeting point between usability and innovation. The ideas and needs of both creators and users come together to impact the direction of...

Radical Health – Trends and highlights

Returning to the Radical Health conference for the second year in row, we already knew a little of what to expect. Innokas was already quite well-known among the participants, which made initiating...

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) – Empowering patients

We all know that our world continues to become more digitalized. But did you also know that this is happening alongside a shift in our healthcare? Patients who used to be more passive in receiving...

Medical device usability insights from clinical affairs specialist

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical device development, usability and innovation intersect significantly. The perspectives of developers and end-users converge to shape the future of medical...

Analytica – First-time discoveries, trends and how Innokas fits in

Report written by Innokas experts and event goers Visa Poikela & Päivi Leppänen

Been away from the wet lab for more than 15 years, attending Analytica was an eye-opener. As someone stepping back...

What are the challenges of choosing a contract manufacturer?

There are two distinct company types with different starting points when they begin searching for suitable European contract manufacturer. The first is a new start-up in search of their first...

Arab Health 2024 – Our take and review

Report written by Innokas experts and event goers Päivi Leppänen & Visa Poikela

Contact information available at the end of the post

Sustainability in Medtech was a hot topic. It's clear that the...

End of the Year Greetings

If you were asked to picture what good teamwork looks like, how would you picture it? How about a dog sled, traveling with efficient pace and agility through harsh snowy terrain.

Specialist’s insight – How to tackle the changes within the transition periods of regulations?

Manufacturers who have devices CE Marked to the directives MDD, AIMDD or IVDD (i.e., legacy devices) have deadlines for regulatory compliance if they want to keep their devices on the European...

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