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If you were asked to picture what good teamwork looks like, how would you picture it? How about a dog sled, traveling with efficient pace and agility through harsh snowy terrain. 


In a sled everyone has their own role, and everyone must work in unity as companions. For example, wheel dogs provide the initial strength, dogs in the middle provide the horsepower and help the sled clear corners, and lead dogs reply directly to the mushers commands to find and follow the trail. Even a smaller team of capable dogs can take you flying through the snow and to your goal in no time. 


In the coming year, we look forward to improving as your companion. We have rolled in new core processes that further standardize our ways of working and are committed to developing them forward collaboratively. The gears of our brand renewal are turning, and you will see new changes next year as we roll them out into our materials and templates. 


We are happy to say that Innokas’ entrance to new industries has had a very promising start. The manufacturing business unit has gained a portfolio of projects that help us to improve efficiency and bring the benefit of new innovations to all our customers. On the design & development and software side we are looking to have similar advancements in new industry areas in the future.  


Developing sustainability at Innokas gains a completely new momentum next year. We have set up a new framework and have already begun reporting work as will be mandated by the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, and in the coming year we will conduct a look-through of our supply chains to ensure thorough transparency. We also look forward to offering you Design for Sustainability expertise when you seek to improve your product’s sustainability aspects. Many of our customers have wished to move their manufacturing operations closer to their markets, so we are seeing more and more manufacturing move back to Europe, which we see as a positive change towards more sustainable and flexible business practices and material acquisition. Good work, everyone! 


There will be interesting developments to look forward to on the software side, as Digious and Cubist will deepen their collaboration with one another for an even more comprehensive offering of know-how on software development and healthcare digitalization. Working together with our QA&RA team, for example, they have quite a unique expertise to offer to you. Like in a team of sled dogs, we are even stronger working together.  


The trail ahead may be filled with twists and turns, but with the strength of our companionship, I am confident that we can reach new heights in the coming year when Innokas will be 30 years old. Let’s stay in touch and don’t hesitate to contact us, we don’t bite! 



Janne Kostamo, CEO of Innokas


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