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Returning to the Radical Health conference for the second year in row, we already knew a little of what to expect. Innokas was already quite well-known among the participants, which made initiating discussions easier. New trends, new people and new interesting discussions.  


Header photo by Pekka Hannila / Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Festival atmosphere  


Radical Health was charged with positive energy.  Been a conference, it felt more like a giant brainstorming session with ideas flying around openly and people eagerly sharing their thoughts. The atmosphere was very laid-back; interactions with new people felt more like talking to old friends. True to its name, the event was a Festival.  


Shoutout to organizers – quality over quantity  


The sessions were well planned, each discussion and presentation was packed with value. The crowd and the speakers were a bit more international than the previous year, which added to the diversity of the topics. Overall, the topics and the speakers and panelists were well picked, which kept the discussions insightful. The program could have had a couple of extra breaks to drive to audience to the stands more, but we are sure they will improve on this for next year.  




Preventive healhtcare and digitalization  


Finland, the Global leader in allocating 2% of healthcare spending to prevention healthcare, sets an example to others. We are currently at the frontier of both preventative healthcare solutions and digitalization. Both topics I’m sure were one of the key points in attracting the international audience. Yet, a question remains: how much further we could and should push this to stay ahead? This would require a change in the mentality of the whole healthcare sector, starting all the way from the medical schools teaching new doctors how to prevent diseases instead of just treating them or their symptoms. We are sure the preventative health solutions will only grow in number and application as younger people are more and more interested in and aware of their health. 




How we at Innokas are making a difference  


Our background and expertise in medical device manufacturing and developing digital health solutions places us in a unique position — We can offer everything that is needed in developing preventive healthcare technologies and ensuring these solutions are secure and trustworthy. 




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