Arab Health 2024 – Our take and review

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Report written by Innokas experts and event goers Päivi Leppänen & Visa Poikela

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Sustainability in Medtech was a hot topic. It's clear that the industry is taking significant steps towards more eco-friendly practices. This came up in numerous discussions and for the first time we heard companies requiring sustainability plans and standards from their partners. Last year, there was only one lecture about this as part of the quality congress. It´s really great to see this development on the medtech side as well. Medtech is lagging behind other industries, so there is work to be done.  


One of the most discussed themes this year was the shift of mentality in companies regarding bringing production back from Asia to Europe. Most commonly this seemed to be driven from geopolitical reasons but also to improve operational and delivery capabilities throughout the supply chain. This was not a total surprise, as we already had individual customers who have transferred their production back to Europe. Still, it felt good to see this trend, the idea that not everything should be outsourced to Asia and that we're keeping control and manufacturing expertise and know how in Europe, during these uncertain times. 


We also had great discussion about the event itself with the people we met. The consensus was overwhelmingly positive. Dubai’s accessibility was highly appreciated, and it clearly impacts the yearly growth of the event. Regardless of what part of world you come from, Dubai is open to everyone without a visa. This was also clear from the visitor structure which was not dominated by any specific region. Visiting the event second year in row, unlike other big fairs that seem static, Arab Health is getting bigger and better every year in numbers and in quality, based largely on feedback from the visitors.  


The focus for the exhibiting companies wasn’t just about sales or finding new distributors. It was also about finding meaningful collaborations. More than some other events, we had a chance to meet with R&D decision makers, company owners and other top management. Having this opportunity to discuss directly face-to-face with decision makers from companies of our ICP is invaluable. Even more so in this post COVID era where Teams/Zoom meetings are the new normal. This obviously raises the bar high for Arab Health when ranking events which to participate in. 


We are already planning to return next year with larger team and increased investment. We truly believe in the value and potential of this event and see its impact increase even more in future years.  


We at Innokas believe in transparent innovative collaboration in the spirit of sustainable development. You are welcome to contact and challenge us regarding design and contract manufacturing projects. We are always ready for discussion, and we welcome you to visit our factories.  


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