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Report written by Innokas experts and event goers Visa Poikela & Päivi Leppänen


Been away from the wet lab for more than 15 years, attending Analytica was an eye-opener. As someone stepping back into world of analysis, laboratory, and biotech, I was eager to dive into everything the event had to offer. The experience was both thrilling and humbling – I didn’t know how to use the new advanced automatic pipettes anymore! Here's a glimpse of our experience, trends we observed, and how Innokas fits in.

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Total Experience


Right from the start we could sense the enthusiasm among attendees and exhibitors, making it easy to learn from them and to network with them. The organizers outdid themselves in the event's setup. From the silly candy points to atmospheric lunch catering everything was magnificently organized. The booths were well marked and organized. Moving from booth to booth or hall to hall was a breeze, everything was where it was supposed to be, and numbers matched the booths. Exhibitors, who many told Analytica is the best show in their view, also complimented the organizers.


Leading Sector Event


We learned that Analytica is the sector's main global event. This was evident from the scale and the diversity of participants. The nature of the event provided a unique opportunity to see the latest advancements and the new trends in the industry. Despite this the event didn't have the massive heavy pavilion stands that are quite often found in events like these. This allowed perhaps more intimate and focused discussions with the exhibitors.


Trends and hot topics


Two trends rose up consistently in the conversations: digitization and sustainability. The sector is at a transition to move towards digitization, adding connectivity and smart features into the technologies. How data is collected and used in decision making is a hot topic with even the bigger players in the sector still working on it. This came as no shock to us, as it's a widely discussed issue across various industries worldwide.  On the other hand, sustainability was a pivotal theme. Collective drive towards eco-friendly devices and practices was clearly one of the driving factors in the participants. This resonates very well with our core values at Innokas.


How Innokas can contribute


Seeing the devices and companies at Analytica, it was clear that Innokas could assist the majority of them. Our expertise in developing and manufacturing electromechanical devices and software aligns perfectly with the current industry trends. Whether it's adding smart features or connectivity, developing new devices, or offering sustainable manufacturing within EU, we have the capabilities to meet the industry's needs. All done according to applicable quality and regulatory standards.


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