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Innokas Medical has joined the Finnish HL7 organisation in February 2022. Thus Innokas and especially its software house Digious continue to deepen their cooperation with the key industry players building the integration solutions in this field.


At a continuously increasing pace, the international HL7 and the FHIR-interfaces defined by the organisation, work as the glue between the public and private healthcare services and technology solutions. 


"I find it gratifying that such a large group of public service providers, such as Apotti, THL, and Kela, support the FHIR interfaces. The goal of the Digious team is to build capabilities around all those integration technologies that help advance our customers' possibilities to connect their solutions and devices to different information systems around them", says Business Development Director Ilkka Räsänen from the Digious team. "Having an FHIR support in your systems is also a good stepping stone in the path of internationalising your solution" Ilkka continues. 

The fast-growing Digious is a Healthtech-specialised software house operating from within Innokas Medical. Digious targets to help Finnish and Nordic companies to connect their devices and software solutions to Healthcare information systems and to advance the safe and efficient use of data by taking an advantage of cloud services. 

The HL7 association is a national operator promoting the communication and integration of various Healthcare technology systems and solutions. The association aims at bringing together end-users, system providers, and the authorities in a neutral meeting arena. The HL7 was established already in 1995 to boost the development work of information systems on the grounds of system integration, as well as to advance the usage of integration standards. The members consist of companies as well as public organisations, and the association is part of the international HL7 umbrella organisation.


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