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It’s a remarkable day for Innokas; our first ever sustainability report has been made public!


Sustainability stands as a core strategic focus area at Innokas. We recognize its importance in driving long-term success and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and other stakeholders. We are seeking to invest in concrete actions that not only benefit Innokas but also support our stakeholders on the journey toward more sustainable business practices. 


As a contract manufacturer and product developer, we hold a significant role in leading by example and guiding our clients toward enhanced sustainability across the entire value chain. We are excited to get this opportunity to showcase the progress of our sustainability reporting initiatives and outline what future holds for us.  


In this report, you'll find for example: 

  • Double materiality assessment: We've conducted a thorough assessment alongside our parent company, Paree Group. 
  • Overview of Innokas' sustainability efforts: Our approach to integrating sustainability into our operations and assisting our customers in improving theirs. 
  • Sustainability roadmap: Outlining our five goals that we are striving to achieve according to our roadmap. 
  • Sustainability data: We've began gathering data and preparing to present it in alignment with CSRD reporting standards. 
  • Sustainability governance: Clear descriptions of how we integrate and monitor sustainability across all our operations at Innokas.  


Sustainability is deeply ingrained within Innokas’ values and mission. We are on a mission to improve people’s lives by realizing meaningful technology innovations with our customers 


Read sustainability report here



You can also find the brand-new report on our website: 

Innokas sustainability


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Written by Eeva Lindroth
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