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Innokas Medical's HQ will be relocating to new premises

Innokas Medical’s headquarters and factory in Kempele will be relocating to new, more suitable premises this coming spring. Innokas Medical’s new premises are located on Technopolis’...

A goal of closer cooperation between purchasing and design

Innokas Medical is developing a new operating model and routines of cooperation between the purchasing department and designers which will optimize purchases and provide a competitive edge.

EK visited Innokas Medical

Representatives from the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and the Oulu Chamber of Commerce, led by managing director Jyri Häkämies, familiarized themselves with Innokas Medical’s...

Ready to work even on weekends

Kirsi Kähkönen, head of production, has been at Innokas Medical for a long time, already. Still, she is just as enthusiastic about her work as ever. Or how many can say they voluntarily show up...

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Recent Posts

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