Sami Melkoniemi joins Innokas Medical’s project management team

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Innokas Medical’s project management team was reinforced with an experienced specialist this autumn as Sami Melkoniemi (B.Eng., Electrical Engineering & M.Eng., Industrial Management) began to work as Project Manager in Innokas’ engineering business unit in August. Melkoniemi has worked already almost 20 years with different kind of product development projects, and in his new role at Innokas, he will take the overall responsibility of specific ongoing engineering projects.

“I’ve liked working at Innokas very much! My first months here have been busy and full of work, but I see my new role in project management very inspiring”, tells Melkoniemi about his first months at Innokas.

He has gained very credible working experience as he has worked with different kinds of product development projects already 20 years now – from which 16 years in different kinds of leadership positions related to the product development projects. Before his newest position at Innokas, he has worked e.g. in Nokia and NSN as well as in several medical device start-up companies. He came to Innokas from VitalSignum, where he worked as Quality Manager and Project Manager in clinical research.

“For the last five years I’ve been working in medical device development business. During these years, I’ve been able to get myself familiarized with the regulatory issues in the field as well as working with different kind of standards related to the design and development of medical devices. I believe that in addition to my strong working experience from product development project business, my earlier experience and gained knowledge from medical technology field will help me with my new challenges at Innokas”, he says.

In his new role, Melkoniemi takes the overall responsibility of design project planning, execution, leadership and reporting to the customer and Innokas management. In addition, he will be leading the project teams nominated in certain engineering projects. Melkoniemi tells he has been very pleased of joining this new, very motivated working community. He especially looks forward on interesting and challenging medical device product development projects in the future at Innokas.

“Innokas was actually familiar to me as I’ve been working with Innokas team for several year already, but in a role of customer, though. During our cooperation I got very positive appearance from Innokas and the team working here, which finally got me to apply the open project manager position at Innokas in the summer”, Melkoniemi tells.

“And my first months here has just strengthened my earlier opinion of the company; it has been a pleasure to join the community of motivated healthtech experts. The great working atmosphere and an excellent team spirit have also impressed me. The projects seem to be very interesting and versatile, too, so I’m very excited about my future at Innokas”, he concludes.

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