Innokas Medical has reinforced its know-how in medical device design and development: new employees have joined Innokas Medical’s engineering team

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Innokas Medical has further reinforced its know-how in medical device design and development during this spring. Pauli Innamaa (M.Sc. in Industrial Management & Licentiate of Technology in Technical Physics and Mathematics) and Teemu Uitto (M.Sc., Electrical Engineering) started to work in Innokas Medical’s engineering services business unit during the spring.

Pauli Innamaa started to work at Innokas in March as Manager, QA & Methods. He is responsible for the overall VC150 quality reporting to customer and also internally, as well as developing the quality issues of the product. In addition to this, together with Innokas’ existing team, he will develop different kinds of working methods through which Innokas team is able to agile, proactively and competitively develop new products and solutions for our customers’ needs.

“My new position at Innokas is really interesting as it has two clearly separate but mutually supportive elements. Healthcare technology industry is very strictly regulated, and the directives and regulations impose plenty of requirements to operators in the field. But still, it really is possible to operate more efficient and agile ways also within the healthcare technology industry. That kind of working methods we’re now looking for. In addition to this, I work closely with different processes and people as VC150 Quality Manager, too. I see the cooperation very important because the overall quality the customer experiences consists of many different aspects”, Innamaa tells.

He came to work at Innokas from Symbio Finland where he was working past 5 years in different customer projects mostly related to quality assurance, requirement management and developing working methods. Innamaa has previous work experience from Nokia and NSN for over 10 years, too, specifically in product and R&D quality assurance positions. He says he has positive expectations regarding his new job and tasks at Innokas.

“It has been great to notice how first-class quality Innokas is delivering to customer, and how much effort the company is putting on quality issues. These are one of those specific elements through which we’re able to build an excellent future. I look forward that also after a longer period at Innokas, I’m starting every day here with a smile on my face, as I’ve done during my first months”, he concludes.

Teemu Uitto started to work as Project Manager in Innokas engineering services business unit at Innokas Kempele headquarters in May. He has very strong, over 15 year of experience in different kind of positions in product development and project management from Nokia and RMC. Uitto came to Innokas from Broadcom where he worked as R&D Program Manager. He feels pleased especially of the very talented team he’s leading in ongoing product development projects at Innokas.

“I’m currently finalizing my second degree by writing my Master’s Thesis in Oulu University of Applied Sciences, in healthcare technology unit – so obviously, it was a natural choice for me to apply the open position at Innokas Medical. I’ve liked my job at Innokas very much. I’ve started to work as a Project Manager in few very interesting ongoing product development projects, where we have very talented and inspiring teams. My colleagues have extended me a warm welcome for which I’m very grateful. The projects seem to be very interesting and versatile, so I’m very excited about my future at Innokas”, Uitto tells.

Innokas Medical's design and product development services has lately been in a good demand for which the team is been reinforced by targeted recruitment campaigns during the past six months. The willingness to grow and develop the business unit is high, also. Innokas’ product development business unit currently employs over 60 people.

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