Innokas made an impact to Kempele Municipality’s Mayor and Business Manager

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In the beginning of May, Tuomas Lohi (Mayor) and Miia Marjanen (Business Manager) of Kempele Municipality visited Innokas Medical’s headquarters in Kempele to get themselves familiarized with Innokas’ operation. As representatives of Kempele Municipality, Lohi and Marjanen had a mission to visit and check out regularly what kind of companies operate in their municipality.

“Innokas Medical is quite well known company in Kempele and Oulu area, but seeing its operation on site gave a much more concrete, positive picture. It was amazing and great to see that we have such companies with so high level of competence and good growth potential here in Finland and in Kempele”, says Marjanen, who visited Innokas for the first time during her career.

Lohi and Marjanen had a factory tour in the Kempele production, which was organized by Kempele site Production Manager Pekka Suutari together with Innokas’ CEO Jouni Toijala and Kempele site Engineering Manager Anu Lepistö. In addition to showing the visitors around the Kempele plant, Innokas’ and Kempele’s representatives discussed also a lot about the future plans of both parties. Lohi says that he was very impressed after visiting Innokas in Kempele – like he has always been.

”Innokas Medical’s growth orientation, internationality, and diversified, broad operation were readily apparent. It’s very great to see how high-of-quality operation and highly skilled personnel Innokas has. This was already my third visit at Innokas, but as after every visit, I was very impressed now, too”, he tells.

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