Meaningfulness as a value - Tallinn factory employee perspective

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Jelena Gladõseva is nearing her third-year milestone working at Innokas Medical’s Tallinn location. The location is a volume-producing factory that has been in operation for over ten years. Jelena shares her perspective on her work and why our core value of meaningfulness speaks to her the most. 


“This is the longest I have been in any one workplace, and I really love it here,” assembly line worker Jelena Gladõseva explains when asked about her history in Tallinn factory. “I get to work on many different projects and be mobile. I find working in the medical field gratifying,” she shares. 


Enabling improvement and innovation 


Jelena believes that the policies of the factory allow continuous improvement of the products, as well as herself as a worker. “I am not only told to do something, but I am given the tools to do it well and develop. Feedback is an important part of our work; is this possible? If it's not, then what is the problem? What can we improve? We are being listened to and actions are taken accordingly," Jelena says about how the environment enables innovation. “Everything gets solved, which I find incredibly rewarding.” 


Factory that values meaning and responsibility in electromechanical device manufacturing 


When asked which one of Innokas Medical’s values speaks to her the most, she has an answer ready. “Meaningfulness. Due to some past experiences with medical issues, I used to feel inadequate until I got to work here. Realizing how far the results of my work reach and knowing that it’s all for the betterment of people motivates me endlessly. It’s a dream job for me.” 


The second value Jelena feels she resonates with is the principle of responsibility. “When I first started, there were a lot of rules I did not know even existed. Despite the challenging start, I made the rules and standards a habit. I knew even a slight change would alter everything. Knowing there is life and health on the line, I had to adapt well," she says. She adds that all her coworkers work with the same attitude. “People are very careful when handling the components. Their care and respect for their work here is truly palpable.” 


Jelena expresses that working in a MedTech company brings her fulfillment. Even though she does not work in a hospital, she can still reach out and help people through her work. “I went to see a doctor some time ago and saw one of our devices in the office. I was looking at it, smiling and thinking of just how proud I am."


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