Introducing Valter Ritso, the new Director of Operations and Leadership team member at Innokas

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We're excited to announce that Valter Ritso has been appointed as the Director of Operations at Innokas. In this role, Valter will oversee manufacturing operations across all our three factory sites, ensuring uniform collaboration between them and working closely with companions who do manufacturing with Innokas. Valter will also be joining Innokas Leadership team. Together, the leadership team synergizes the cooperation between business units and upholds the shared strategy for collaborative growth. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience, Valter is dedicated to driving efficiency and excellence throughout our manufacturing processes. Unified effort for success is the key, and we will continue improving alongside our customers.


From head of one to a head of all


Valter Ritso is a familiar face at Innokas. He has been the head of Tallinn operations for 12 years at this point, so exactly as long as Innokas has had its Tallinn manufacturing site! Even before that, Valters career was dotted with different responsibilities in technology related positions, so he is quite a veteran on the field already. Who would be more suitable expert to oversee that Innokas’ seamless manufacturing stays seamless?


Valter takes to his new role with excitement and is optimistic about the future. “My central focus will be to foster collaborative effort between all three manufacturing sites to give the best possible value for both Innokas and especially our customers and companions,” Valter comments. “This role gives me optimal position to oversee continuous improvement across all aspects of our operations.”


More opportunities to meet customers and companions


Valter will also meet more Innokas’ companions than ever before in his new role. “Previously, my communications were primarily with customers affiliated with Innokas’ Tallinn location. However, in my new role, I'll be in touch with all customers collaborating with Innokas’ manufacturing operations.” Valter expresses. “Needless to say, that I am very excited to be able to get to know more of our manufacturing companions on deeper level. They are all innovative and inspiring people, and our team is privileged to help them realize their creations” he adds with a smile.


Valter will also meet more Innokas experts, starting with his own expanded team of manufacturing experts. Ensuring the wellbeing of his team and collaborators has always been Valter's top priority. With the recent transition to a new role, he is in an even more valuable position to maintain this commitment and is determined to capitalize on it. "I always want to uphold a supportive environment where excellence thrives” he asserts.


Aside from his own team, Valter will work more closely with other Innokas experts. Particularly, he will get to know Innokas sales team as well as NPI project managers much better in the coming months as they will be collaborating closely with the manufacturing units in their own work. “All phases are supported by the whole team, from the quotation to end of the volume production. This should significantly boost our team synergy and allow us to deliver to our customers even better than before.”


If you would like to discuss manufacturing matters with Valter, you can contact him with the information presented. If you have a precise manufacturing related need, you can also leave a contact form below and we will get back to you before you know it.


Valter Ritso

Head of Tallinn factory and Director of Operations

+37 25 27 6472



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