Manufacturing reacts to the changes in the industry nimbly but carefully

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In the face of challenging and changing times, experience, expertise, and quality are of great importance. Innokas Medical has a long experience in the field of health technology, but what expertise has that experience in the demanding field brought, and how does it help Innokas to balance with the changing world situations? What issues are being considered in your company?


A change in the operating environment affects production in many ways


Recently, we have all witnessed major changes in our operating environment. The availability of materials and components is uncertain, and the reliability of partners is suddenly something different than what we are used to. Elongated supply chains and sub-optimized procurement have proven unreliable now that there are many disruptions in the global market. The unexpected absence of that small and cheapest part may cause considerable inconvenience by halting the manufacturing and deliveries of even a large product project.

The term "responsibility" also takes on new meanings. We already understand the importance of ecology and economy in our own operations, but what about other areas of responsibility? What is political responsibility? Have the current sanctions issues been considered? Are you sure that all members of your supply chain treat their employees and stakeholders fairly? Is your critical data really handled with the level of trust you require?


The starting point is the uncompromising level of design and manufacturing


Innokas Medical is a traditional designer and manufacturer of medical devices. When it comes to patient safety, this field of the industry cannot use uncertain solutions whose functionality or reliability we are not sure about. Due to the industry, the starting points of our processes are an uncompromising level of design and manufacturing in all phases. Our end products are used in particularly demanding applications, so from the beginning of the project, we are used to taking into account even the smallest details that affect success. We manage all aspects of the chain, including the supply chain of components, production start, maintenance, change management, and, in time, also aftermarket.

In these challenging times, choosing the right partner in contract designing and manufacturing matters. That's why Innokas Medical Ltd is ready to expand its services beyond its traditional area of ​​regulated medical devices to the design, manufacture, testing, and delivery logistics of demanding electromechanical devices. We manage the whole system in such a way that projects or products with us are always in reliable hands. Experience, supply chain management, strong know-how, and uncompromising ability to produce quality are things that directly respond to the current challenges. Thanks to our experience, we can make the right solutions and choices in the critical initial phase of the project, which ensures a trouble-free life cycle for the products and the business.


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