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What is important to you when you are looking for a contract manufacturer for demanding electromechanical devices? Is the quality the key issue, or do you set your eye only on the price? Does the location matter? Innokas Medical has three operational sites, and every site has its specialties and core function. Tallinn’s site was established over 10 years ago and offers cost-effective production while meeting high standards. Near, high quality, expertise, and experience, yet cost-efficient - read our Tallinn Head of Operations Valter Ritso to tell more about Innokas Medical’s Tallinn site.

Over 10 years of experience in demanding electromechanical device manufacturing

Innokas Medical established its Tallinn manufacturing site 10 years ago to offer its customers a cost-efficient manufacturing opportunity for medium and high-volume product ranges. What started as a greenfield operation in the autumn of 2012 has now grown into a solid organization of 35 professionals who take pride in creating a vast array of electronic devices for customers that range in size between small start-ups and global trendsetters in medical, agricultural, and consumer electronics.

Tallinn site is completely integrated into Innokas Medical organization by using the common Quality Management System, ERP-system, and having established the common values and principles of daily HR management.

Manufacturing a vast array of products meeting the high standards


The products manufactured in Tallinn are very different in their physical dimensions, functional features, connectivity, software options, and intended uses. Common denominators however throughout this array of products are challenging and demanding manufacturing processes accompanied by uncompromised quality requirements to meet the high standards of MDSAP and ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered operations.

The annual volumes of a product manufactured in Tallinn might range between 750.000 pcs and only 100 pcs, and also the number of BOM (bill of materials) items can vary between 10 and 655, but rest assured, all of the customers are being serviced equally alike, having one point of contact principle for any and all issues may them be regarding sudden fluctuations in demand or fast implementation of product changes. The service level offered by Tallinn is world-class and is monitored continuously by conducting customer satisfaction surveys.


Talented team ready for Your service


The core team in Tallinn operations can communicate in English, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, and German – a broad spectrum of languages that help to create mutual understanding and a seamless flow of information between customer units located anywhere in the world. The Tallinn team is eager to welcome new accounts and to learn new processes in addition to the continuous improvement of currently manufactured products.

So please, don’t hesitate to contact the Innokas Medical Sales Team to learn more about your opportunities to start a co-creation journey with us.

Valter, Head of Tallinn Operations


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