Aidian promotes global healthcare by diagnostic tests for point of care

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The objective of Finnish-based IVD company Aidian is to promote efficient and fluent healthcare by developing and manufacturing reliable, fast and easy to use diagnostic tests for point of care. Innokas Medical is involved in this mission by manufacturing QuikRead go® devices in the company’s Kempele factory.


Aidian (formerly known as Orion Diagnostica Oy) is a Finnish-based IVD company with almost 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing reliable, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tests especially for primary care. The company’s in vitro diagnostic tests are used to diagnose patients’ diseases and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.


“The results our products give help doctors make diagnoses and decisions related to treatment. Our global footprint covers nowadays already over 60 countries”, tells Vesa Vilkas, working as Senior Instrument Production & PLCM Manager at Aidian.


The company’s QuikRead go® device is one of their flagship products. It’s a compact, automatic and easy-to-use instrument, which is used for quantitative measurements together with QuikRead go® -reagents. The system is developed especially for primary care use and the ease-of-use of it is ensured by, e.g., the intuitive user interface as well as by connectivity possibility to hospitals’ and laboratories’ information systems.


“The system can be used to test CRP results, hemoglobin values, and streptococcus bacteria values in throat inflammations as well as to measure occult blood in faeces”, Vilkas tells.


Today over 50,000 instruments are in use globally by Aidian’s customers.


QuikRead go® devices are manufactured at Innokas Kempele factory


The cooperation between Innokas Medical and Aidian begun already in 2012 when Aidian chose Innokas Medical as their manufacturing partner. Promoting global healthcare together by this cooperation has continued to present as well; QuikRead go® devices are manufactured at Innokas Kempele factory also nowadays.


“The cooperation with Innokas Medical has gone very well. In addition to high-quality processes, we especially value if our manufacturing partner has flexibility, agile responsiveness and the ability to scale production. We see that Innokas has all these qualities”, Vilkas says.


He sees that Innokas has been able to deliver the added value to Aidian through the company’s flexible way of operation and Innokas’ full-service offering.


“In addition to the above-mentioned factors, we’re very satisfied with Innokas’ sourcing expertise, which acts as a proactive and self-driven partner in our cooperation all the time. Additionally, we find it valuable that the entire production chain is located at the same factory; Innokas’ PCB production is situated adjacent to final assembly, final testing and packing. Innokas also has any necessary design and development expertise in-house. Therefore, we see the possible problem solving can be handled more effective when the company has the full-service capabilities in-house”, Vilkas ponders.


”In addition to basic production, certain part of the device maintenances are also handled by Innokas, as they have decontamination room in their Kempele production. Therefore, our cooperation could be described as a comprehensive partnership, which we have been very pleased with”, he concludes.


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