Innokas Medical was chosen as contract supplier with frame agreement on SoteDigi’s MDR consultation project

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SoteDigi, who develops new kinds of digital solutions for patient- and health care, selected partner companies for further development of its -service solution in the beginning of this year. Innokas Medical is one of the three companies that was selected as contract supplier with frame agreement for MDR consultation.


The Finnish state-owned company SoteDigi is developing a new type of digital service solution, -system, which supports citizens’ self-care. Through the system, citizens can assess their symptoms and receive advice and guidance related to them – for example the right to make an appointment if the situation requires. This remote service aims to save both time and costs of patient care by contributing to the reduction of unnecessary doctor visits. The aim is also to enable services independent of time and place.


This development project originally started already in 2014 as joint development project between different municipalities in Finland, until it was transferred to SoteDigi in 2018. The company has now selected contract suppliers with frame agreement for a total of up to €34M project. In future, the suppliers selected will be able to participate in tenders for development and consulting projects offered by SoteDigi.


The biggest amount in the project (a total of €32M) will be allocated to the application development. The remaining €2M will be allocated to another part of the project – for MDR consulting. In accordance to EU regulations, -system is considered as a medical device. Thus, the system needs to meet and fulfill all relevant quality and regulatory requirements. In addition to Innokas Medical, two other Finnish companies were selected as suppliers with frame agreement for this MDR consulting part.


“We are very happy about that Innokas has been selected as one of the contract suppliers with frame agreement. This means that our quality and regulatory expertise has been identified and that our knowhow is trusted”, ponders Tomi Haapanen, working as Business Development Director at Innokas.


“It’s also great that through this project, we’re able to get involved in digitizing the healthcare and patient care of the future”, he concludes.


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