Finnish healthcare technology exports continue to grow strongly

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According to the latest export report published by Healthtech Finland, the exports of the Finnish health technology reached again a new record in 2019. Thus, Finnish health technology has kept up with the international growth very well.


Healthcare technology is still one of the fastest growing high-tech segments of Finnish industry. The exports of the Finnish health technology reached a new record again in 2019 as the value of Finland’s exports of health technology products rose to €2.4 billion, an increase of 5,7% over 2018.


“Over the past 20 years, health technology has brought nearly €13 billion to Finland's foreign trade. The industry has also brought a lot of new working opportunities in Finland”, tells Saara Hassinen, Managing Director at Healthtech Finland.


The strongest growth was seen in the In Vitro Diagnostics segment, comprising both diagnostic reagents and equipment. In 2019, exports in the In Vitro Diagnostics segment rose even to €656 million by 10 percent. The traditionally strong Medical Equipment segment covering up to 70 percent of total Finnish health technology exports grew by 5,1 percent to €1.7 billion.


Even if most of the healthcare products manufactured in Finland are exported, the companies still have the desire and need to develop their solutions in Finland. According to the different kinds of sources (e.g. EvaluateMedTech 2018, Fitch Solutions 2019 and Research and Market 2019) the yearly forecast for global health tech growth is something around 4,0 – 5,6 percent. Thus, it can be noted that Finnish health technology has very well kept up with the international growth.


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Source: Healthtech Finland

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