A long-term partnership as a common goal for C-RAD and Innokas Medical

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Innokas Medical entered into cooperation agreement with Swedish company C-RAD AB in 2016. The mutual interest for the companies has been to develop a long-lasting partnership built on trust and with a close and a flexible collaboration.


C-RAD Positioning AB is a Swedish medical technology company offering products for patient positioning, monitoring and respiration gating used in radiation therapy. In new advanced radiation therapy techniques, the radiation dose must be delivered to the tumor with extremely high precision and microsecond timing. C-RAD’s positioning and scanning products assure just that.


“Our products are used for positioning radiotherapy patients for treatment so that the patient is placed exactly the same way during each treatment time. Thus, our solutions ensure safety and efficiency in advanced radiation therapy, helping to cure more cancer patients and improve their quality of life”, tells Håkan Axelsson, working as COO at C-RAD.


The company was started   in 2004, after which their first products was launched on the market in 2006.


“Nowadays our product family consists of several products and solutions for patient positioning, real time motion monitoring, respiration gating and stereotactic radiation therapy support”, Axelsson explains.


Over the years, the company has succeeded to achieve significant growth internationally, as the total revenue of the C-RAD Group is nowadays over 20M€. C-RAD’s products are sold over Europe, America and Asia.


A trusted partnership is built on a long-term collaboration


The partnership between C-RAD and Innokas Medical has been based on a long-term collaboration started already in 2016, when companies signed a manufacturing agreement. The contract covered the manufacturing of C-RAD’s Catalyst and Sentinel products.


“We’re holding the contract manufacturing responsibility of C-RAD’s Catalyst+ and Sentinel products in our Kempele factory, where certain product lines are tailored for their devices manufacturing”, tells Thomas Sillman, working as Account Director for C-RAD’s business at Innokas Medical.


“We see the cooperation with C-RAD as strategic fit for both parties; we at Innokas are able to support C-RAD’s growth through our flexible and scalable operations while C-RAD perfectly matches the strategy of our manufacturing operations as a growing MedTech player in the Nordics”, he continues.


Axelsson tells that they’re very pleased especially with Innokas Medical’s industrial experience, full-scale manufacturing offering and expertise in manufacturing complex medical technology systems like Catalyst+ and Sentinel.


”We’ve cooperated with Innokas Medical for over 5-years-period now, and we’ve been very satisfied! Innokas’ full-scale manufacturing meets perfectly our needs as they professionally take care of the whole value chain from sourcing to final assembly, factory testing and finally preparing the delivery to end-customers, including supply chain management as well”, Axelsson tells.


He sees that the cooperation with Innokas has delivered the added value to C-RAD through the company’s flexible and very customer-oriented way of operation.


“In addition to high-quality processes, we especially value when our manufacturing partner has flexibility, agile responsiveness and the ability to scale production”, he tells and continues.


“But what’s more important, is the close cooperation partnership we’ve been able to build together with Innokas; it feels like we’re working as a one team and taking the extra miles together to sort things out. This excellent partnership really adds value for us and our customers and creates a good foundation to support the success of both parties”, he concludes.


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