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New boost for your product development seminar in August

Efficient cooperation between expert partners and well-fitted practices and tools can significantly impact the time to market, reduce costs and simplify the product development of complex solutions. 

Innokas sustainability report launch

It’s a remarkable day for Innokas; our first ever sustainability report has been made public!

Event invitation - Optimal regulatory and design development from idea to success of a medical device

To succeed in taking a medical device product from idea to the market, both the design and development flow, as well as the regulatory flow, need to be considered. As the inventor or manufacturer of...

Successful design and production ramp-up needs good procurement

In the manufacturing industry, good procurement can have a major impact on product costs, ease of designing and manufacturability. But how’s the case now as the world situation changed unpredictably...

The MDR Fast Track service enables MedTech companies to reach the market faster by outsourcing the regulatory burden

Innokas Medical, a Finnish technology company specializing in medical technology, is launching an outsourced responsible manufacturer service for companies striving to reach the highly regulated...

Terveystalo invests in medical software – Innokas software team helps develop expertise

Terveystalo is the first Finnish healthcare service company to be granted the ISO 13485 quality management system certificate. The company invests heavily in the product development of intelligent...

A design and manufacturing house at your service

How do you solve the key challenges in turning a demanding technical solution idea into a tangible product and bringing it to the market? Could a capable contract designer and manufacturer help you...

Innokas joins the HL7 association

Innokas Medical has joined the Finnish HL7 organisation in February 2022. Thus Innokas and especially its software house Digious continue to deepen their cooperation with the key industry players...

Innokas joins the Dutch Health Valley 2022 event

The 2022 Health Valley event is starting on March 15th and is accessible both live and online. The three-day healthcare innovation conference is taking place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, collecting...

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