Problems and solutions in MDR transition – Innokas Medical at Health Valley Event

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Innokas Medical is present at the Health Valley Event (HVE) that will take place on March 30 with the theme of affordable and accessible healthcare supported by technological innovations. Make sure to come talk with us if you are among the attendees!  


Our Business Development Director Pekka Pohjosaho as well as our Senior QA/RA specialist Linda Kellberg can both be heard speaking at the event.   


Linda will be interviewed about the new EU Medical Device Regulation and its impact on software development. She will bring up important points about what kind of changes have taken place and the challenges software device manufacturers face as a consequence. She also has suggestions on how to avoid problems and tackle these challenges. Especially new and startup companies will benefit from hearing the interview. The discussion with Linda continues after the interview with more in-depth takes on the topic in another blog post scheduled after the event. Make sure to keep an eye on our socials to be informed when it comes out.  


In addition to Linda, Pekka Pohjosaho will be talking about the complexity of EU Medical Device Regulation and its problems on a more general level and pitches MDR Fast Track service as one of the possible solutions. Joining him will be two customer representatives: Jennifer Goodall from MindAffect and Gert-Jan Brok from inMotion VR. They will comment on the problems and solutions Pekka presents and ask questions about MDR Fast Track servicescape. The discussion will take the form of an informative panel discussion after the initial introductions with the possibility to ask questions at the end.  


Make sure to check the agenda of the event. If you are attending and would like to have a discussion with us, we are available to be contacted through the event community platform. 


We hope to meet you at the event!