Ramp-up as a specialty – The benefits of an experienced manufacturing partner in Europe

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Whether there is a design of electromechanical device that is still in its working phases or a product that already has a history of being produced at another location, ramp-up can be a challenging phase in production cycle of any device, so procuring a trustworthy partner is vital. Head of Kempele operations Ville Mätäsaho details Kempele factory’s robust system that promotes resourceful ramp-up through co-operation between design studio and production and close partnership with the client.


Innokas Medical’s Kempele factory has existed as long as the company itself and as one may guess, it has long history as an efficient production house. While other locations focus on volume production, Kempele is where new electromechanical device designs and design transfers are continuously improved to prove the success potential of our clients’ ideas.


"Quality is one of our core values. We have ISO 13485 as basis of our FDA registered operations. Additionally, all our circuit boards are made to the standards of IPC-A-610 Class 2”, the head of Kempele operations Ville Mätäsaho explains. The history of manufacturing demanding medical devices speaks for the adherence to strict set of standards present in the factory as well.


Experienced production team and proximity with the design team


What Ville sees as the most notable asset for the clients collaborating with Kempele factory is the years of experience behind each person in the production team. “We have well learned people who have been doing this for years. They have been making wildly different products for so long that anything is possible at this point”, Ville establishes with a smile. “Our people are trustworthy with so much history on the field that I’ve never doubted anyone’s capabilities.”


Kempele factory has the added advantage of being able to work closely with the design team that is located in the same building. This is a significant benefactor for ramp-up, even when the client has an existing design transfer product. Proximity to the design team makes continuous improvement on the design and the production process straightforward.


Competent operations


Kempele factory excels in efficiency and different DfX methods. The process starts with productivity feedback, where the experts at Kempele discuss the product with the client. They give their vision on how to increase the productivity of both the design and the ramp-up process. Key performance indicators are established early on. Prototypes are made and the design team receives the productivity feedback quickly if there are improvements to be made. This will continue until design input freeze.


manu_supply_chain_engineering                                                                                                        Production cycle


All of this is transparent to the client, and the process is flexible, so it can be adapted to the values and needs of the client with the guidance of the experienced team behind the production.


“I feel that above all, we can work in close partnership with our clients. We want to share our expertise and vision on how to make the design as productional as it can be. We are able to be flexible with what the clients need and still offer expertise on how to make the process work. We are here to help the client succeed”, Ville summarises when I ask what he would say to someone looking for a production partner.


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