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Innokas Medical will join MedtecSUMMIT Congress & Partnering online event on April 20th to 22nd, which will be organized by Bayern Innovativ GmbH on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. With wide selection of seminar speeches based on latest research and practical experience, discussion rounds and interactive networking options, the event is one of the annual highlights for the medical technology sector offering a great mixture of well-known and new topics while providing new impetus for a future-oriented, innovative and strong industry.


At the event, our talented Antti Virtanen (Head of Sales) will join the discussion around Digital Processes and Smart Manufacturing on April 21st at 10:30-12:30. In his speech he will share some thoughts about the future of MedTech production; how to effectively control the implementation and selection of new manufacturing technologies in regulated MedTech world? The topic is very interesting as it’s been discussed that the production of medical products is changing. Aiming towards higher efficiency through new production technologies is one issue but being able to produce individualized medical products with increasing quality and regulatory requirements is as important also. Thus, the common question is; how to effectively control the implementation and selection of new manufacturing technologies in regulated MedTech world while mitigating and analyzing the risks?


Welcome to join the event to discuss more about the introduction and utilization of new technologies in the future of MedTech production and how to ensure the facilitation of the smart value-creation chain during the whole life cycle of the medical product, from the initial product idea to development, production, supply chain management and post-production activities!


WHEN & WHERE: The event on 20th to 22nd April and the speech by Innokas Medical on 21st April at 10:30-12:30. The event will be held as online event.
REGISTRATIONS: This event is open for anyone to attend! The original event promotion can be found from MedtecSUMMIT's website and the registration can be made through their page as well.


Picture source: MedtecSUMMIT

Event information source: MedtecSUMMIT

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