Tampere University Hospital, Istekki and Innokas Medical analyze large datasets to improve clinical care pathways

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Knowledge-based management is on today’s agenda in many organizations; how to derive insights from the large datasets to enable better and faster decision-making. The role of digital health information and deriving insights from it will have even more crucial role when improving clinical care pathways in the future. Tampere University Hospital (Tays) together with Istekki Oy, who is responsible for information management and technology services in Tays, chose Innokas Medical as their co-creation partner to data analytics project, where insights were derived from healthcare data to improve the clinical care pathways of Tays.


In the data analytics project launched by Tays, the aim was to analyze digital health information of sleep apnea and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients. The target was to investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical care pathways to point out the most potential areas for improvements.


“We wanted to identify both bottlenecks and areas for improvements by deriving insights from the historical patient data - to optimize care pathways to continually improve clinical outcomes of sleep apnea and IBD patients,” tells Emil Ackerman, working as Knowledge Architect at Tampere University Hospital.


“We wanted to identify the specific operations, which may not add value as such – offering us an understanding of which kinds of development actions are needed”, he continues.


The project was launched last autumn, when Tampere University Hospital (Tays) together with Istekki Oy, who is responsible for information management and technology services in Tays, chose Innokas Medical as their co-creation partner to this data analytics project.


“When deriving insights from digitally stored health information, it will enable us to help the healthcare organizations to improve care delivery while enabling better and faster decision-making. However, today’s challenge is not so much the lack of patient data, but the selection and refining of large datasets into meaningful information. By doing so, it will provide a clear picture of what the strengths and improvement areas of current data are – which further strengthens the knowledge-based management in healthcare”, says Pauli Innamaa, working as Head of Digital Healthcare Solutions at Innokas Medical, and as Project Manager in this project.


”In addition to project management, very talented Business Intelligence and Data Analysts from Innokas Medical and our partner companies Cubist IT AB and HallandV implemented the project together with Knowledge Specialists from Istekki and Knowledge Architect and Clinical Specialists from Tays. Additionally, we used other experts, like Quality and Regulatory Specialists, from Innokas' wide competence pool when needed”, he continues.


Ackerman tells that the cooperation with Innokas Medical’s team was smooth and effective. He sees that Innokas Medical’s long-term experience and flexible, customer-oriented way of working brought added-value to the project.


”Data analysis projects are often interdisciplinary. Thus, very close cooperation and deep understanding of customer’s needs will play a major role in such projects - where Innokas succeeded very well! I believe that Innokas’ long-term experience from healthcare technology industry combined with data-driven knowhow as well as quality and regulatory expertise were the key drivers for success”, Ackerman ponders.


“As a result, we got a clear picture of our current state and how to improve our data structure and collection in future to reach our targets. We see the cooperation with Innokas Medical’s team went very well. The flexible way of operation has made an impression”, he concludes.


For more information, please contact:

Pauli Innamaa, Head of Digital Healthcare Solutions, Innokas Medical Ltd.: pauli.innamaa@innokasmedical.fi

Tomi Haapanen, Business Development Director, Innokas Medical Ltd.: tomi.haapanen@innokasmedical.fi

Emil Ackerman, Knowledge Architect, Tampere University Hospital: emil.ackerman@pshp.fi

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