Medicubex aims for better availability of patient care and healthier lives with their intelligent remote monitoring and diagnostics solution

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Enabling scalable and cost-efficient future healthcare solutions with autonomous health monitoring is the most important driver for Medicubex, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Innokas Medical is involved in this mission by being one of Medicubex’s co-creation partners in the development of the company's first innovation to the market.


Medicubex Ltd is a Finnish medical technology startup company, established in 2020, developing an autonomous eHealth station for healthcare providers, for both public and private sectors. The solution gives patients more active role in their own health, as the station can be utilized for enabling more efficient remote appointments, local workflows of patient care and independent clinical check-ups.


“Our eHealth stations can be installed in healthcare facilities to improve workflows and in public spaces such as workplaces for easy to use telemedicine. We’re utilizing the world-class acoustic booth of our co-operation partner Framery ensuring the best possible soundproofing and privacy. Additionally, all stations are equipped with light-based antiviral and antimicrobial disinfection keeping the space safe and clean”, tells Vili Kostamo M.D., CEO and Co-Founder of Medicubex.


“With the eHealth station a person can measure their vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and body temperature. Additionally, we add measurements of heart rate variability, heart arrythmias, body composition and weight, and an AGE-measurement allowing cardiovascular risk factors to be evaluated as well”, he continues.


The station offers a quiet and discreet space for reliable vital sign measurements without coming into physical contact with other patients or healthcare staff – offering an excellent choice for future remote appointments. The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of the space are achieved by intelligently controlled and user safe UVC light technology combined with the streamlined design of interior surfaces. The surfaces of the station and air conditioning are built combining several different technologies to ensure that all contact points and indoor air are cleaned between patients to ensure the station is safe and fresh for every user. As a long-term goal, Medicubex’s aim is to add analytical features to their solution, giving recommendations for further examination or treatment needs based on the measurements made.


“Our goal is to bring a functionally simpler prototype version for piloting in the coming months. The commercial end-product with final functionalities will be completed in about a year”, Kostamo estimates.


Added value by co-creation


As the eHealth station consists of several different components, Medicubex could not make their journey from idea to final end-product alone. In order to focus on their own core competencies while achieving a safe, effective and reliable end-product Medicubex has been supported by talented partner companies from different competence areas.


“A close collaboration between Medicubex and our partner companies will be a vital part in making this project a success. Innokas Medical has been one of our core co-creation partners”, Kostamo tells.


“According to our experience, especially Innokas Medical’s wide range of competencies including software development, mechanical and electrical engineering, quality, regulatory and project management as well as concept clarification services create significant added value for a company like us, who may not have the possibility to recruit an equivalent number of high-quality experts to their own team”, he continues.


The co-operation between Medicubex and Innokas Medical begun at the start of this year. In the first stage of co-operation, Innokas Medical supported Medicubex in creating a framework from a concept to piloting for the company’s medical device development program aiming for a launch to international markets.


“We feel honored to be involved in this development project, where better availability of patient care and healthier lives can be achieved by a successful end-product. We believe in that this innovation will create interesting opportunities for future healthcare”, ponders Mikko Kangas, working as Business Development Director at Innokas.


“We have implemented the concept clarification project by taking the needs of the end-users, the value proposition given to them and the risks evaluated into account. After innovation workshops held with Medicubex team, we’ve now reached the stage where we will next start producing the first prototypes of the solution, which will enable us to evaluate the feasibility of the idea together with the end users”, he continues.


Kostamo says that the cooperation between Medicubex and Innokas Medical has gone well. He sees that in addition to Innokas’ wide competence pool, the company’s long history from medical device development projects will create an added value for Medicubex.


“In addition to the necessary competencies and experts completing our team, Innokas’ strong reference base from medical device development programs as well as their ability to integrate devices and systems while taking all the relevant regulatory requirements into account affected the choice when selecting our partners”, Kostamo tells and continues:


“Additionally, their flexible, creative and customer-oriented way of operation and positive attitude towards work have made an impact. The cooperation with Innokas Medical’s team has gone well as expected and we eagerly wait for the successful continuation.”


For more information, please contact:

Mikko Kangas | Business Development Director, Innokas Medical Ltd. |

Vili Kostamo | CEO & Co-Founder, Medicubex Oy |


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