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New boost for your product development seminar in August

Efficient cooperation between expert partners and well-fitted practices and tools can significantly impact the time to market, reduce costs and simplify the product development of complex solutions. 

Agile approach from product developer's perspective

Product developers face a dynamic landscape of shifting priorities, demanding stakeholders, and evolving technologies. In this environment, any of multiple approaches can lead to project success. The...

Understanding medical device usability – More insights from QA&RA specialist

In the field of creating medical devices, there's a crucial meeting point between usability and innovation. The ideas and needs of both creators and users come together to impact the direction of...

Radical Health – Trends and highlights

Returning to the Radical Health conference for the second year in row, we already knew a little of what to expect. Innokas was already quite well-known among the participants, which made initiating...

Design Thinking Hackathon – Innokas challenges design thinkers to integrate circular design in healthcare

What happens when you challenge random teams with no prior connection to your organization to design innovative circular design services, and give them two days’ time to do it?

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) – Empowering patients

We all know that our world continues to become more digitalized. But did you also know that this is happening alongside a shift in our healthcare? Patients who used to be more passive in receiving...

What do you need for successful and efficient medical software project?

When your project needs medical software proficiency, the first step is assessing needed technical and regulatory expertise. Anyone can access the list of regulations, but their practical application...

Innokas sustainability report launch

It’s a remarkable day for Innokas; our first ever sustainability report has been made public!

Medical device usability insights from clinical affairs specialist

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical device development, usability and innovation intersect significantly. The perspectives of developers and end-users converge to shape the future of medical...

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