Innokas Medical gets a new customer in Scandinavia: manufacturing contract signed with Swedish company Alcosystems AB

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 Innokas Medical continues internationalization; the company has entered into an agreement with Swedish medtech company Alcosystems AB. The agreement brought yet another Swedish customer to Innokas, providing evidence to our continued investment for Innokas’ growth and internationalization.

 Alcosystems AB is a Swedish medtech company founded in 2005 specializing in e-health and alcohol monitoring solutions. The company’s vision is to work for a safer and more controlled alcohol consumption in society through technology.

 “We provide state-of-the-art e-health solutions for alcohol monitoring and treatment. Our main product is iBac Pro, which is a small, portable breathalyzer device designed for remote testing. It helps the consumers and administrators with a factual, instead of assumed, overview of alcohol consumption”, describes Miguel Arias, CEO at Alcosystems.

The device is designed based on unique fuel cell technology that enables extremely accurate test results. It works wirelessly via Bluetooth and uses a smart photo function to identify the correct user before testing.

“We have developed close relations with expert organizations working with alcohol-related issues such as rehabilitation centers, municipalities and government social services. The unique knowledge and experience of these institutions were vital in developing this kind of new solution in treating alcohol-related diseases, making a real difference in the e-health and alcohol monitoring industry”, tells Omid Ekhlasi, who holds the Chief Commercial Officer position at Alcosystems.

“Our solution is protected by patents in our main markets, in EU, USA, Japan, China, India and more. We’ve reached many new market areas during the past year and we expect a huge market potential worldwide for our innovation in the future”, he continues.


The iBac Pro is manufactured at Innokas Tallinn factory


Innokas Medical and Alcosystems signed recently a manufacturing agreement: the contract covers the manufacturing of Alcosystems’ breathalyzer at Innokas Tallinn factory. The actual work started first with the production transfer and now the first production batches have already been manufactured. Tommi Kaasalainen, Executive Vice President at Innokas Medical, is very excited about the new contract.

“Signing the agreement with Alcosystems is a concrete result of our continued efforts to strengthen our position in Scandinavia. Thanks for the agreement belongs to all who participated in the process on both Innokas and Alcosystems side. We are now working hard to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer”, Kaasalainen says.

According to Ekhlasi, the cooperation between Innokas and Alcosystems have worked well. He states that Innokas was selected the best alternative to manufacture the company’s products based on the supplier evaluation performed by Alcosystems.

“Innokas was chosen to be our manufacturing partner through a careful selection process, of course. The most important criteria affecting the choice were Innokas’ long-term know-how in medical device design and manufacturing, as well as company’s very strong experience in quality and regulatory requirements. In addition, we were very impressed when we first time visited Innokas’ Tallinn factory - the visit really convinced us that Innokas is very professional medical technology service provider”,  Ekhlasi states and continues:

“The work has now started and we are very excited to take our business to the next level together with Innokas!”